Why Speed Dating is becoming the new Tinder

In the days of old, good looking people or those with a social life didn’t use the lonely hearts column. Didn’t use acronyms like GSOH or list their height or tell you they were solvent and looking for Mr or Miss Right.  Now, well it’s the norm, the lonely heart column is Tinder or Bumble or Hinge, and GOSH has become No ONS and :).  So what happened to our social lives? The ones where we use to actually meet people in the flesh, exchange numbers, talk on the phone, go to the cinema and get excited about an end of the night smooch.

I’ll just leave this here…Swipe, Whatsapp, Netflix & Chill.


So what’s new?

To combat the lonely, endless swiping, emoji analysing and disappointing and costly dates, speed dating is having a resurgence.  Yep that’s right, millennial’s are embracing speed dating like it’s 1989.  I hosted my first speed dating event last week through my dating events company Cocktails & Conversation, even I was shocked at the turn out. Over 100 singles turned up (which between you and me was too many) at 7.30pm at Mahiki in Mayfair, there was a queue of very attractive and excited 24-34 year old’s ready to swipe in the flesh.

What happens at a Speed Dating event

If you’ve never been speed dating, here’s what goes down. The ladies sit down with their score cards, pencil and a cocktail, the gentlemen sit opposite with their own cards.  The daters write each other’s names and on the cards, chat to five minuets and give a tick if they want to see the person again (lets call this a swipe right). After which the gentlemen move on to the next lady along, till by the end of the night everyone has chatted to 20-30 prospective dates and hopefully made some matches they call follow up with, (I collect in the cards at the end and email everyone their matches details).  Basically, the exact same principle as Tinder but up close and personal.

This is what makes speed dating so appealing to this demographic, who have entered into the dating scene when fast paced meeting and matching is the norm.


What’s so good about it?

It took me a long time to embrace just what a good way it actually is to meet new people and add speed dating to my schedule of events, but since seeing the results I’m definitely a convert.  I looked around the room as see people laughing, connecting, flirting in a totally pressure free environment. No one will ask for your number or harass you, you aren’t stuck with any one person for more than 5 mins. You can come with your friends or alone, so you don’t need single friends to take part, have an after work cocktail and maybe find love.

It’s certainly a more fun and engaging way to meet than on an app and you don’t have to wait for the weekend and a bottle of Prosecco for Dutch courage.  I’ll be adding more speed dating to my roster of events and look forward to sending my guests their It’s a Match! Emails the next day.

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