London’s sexiest date night ideas

If your dating repertoire has become a repetitive cycle of dinner and drinks. Regurgitation the same old stories over a bottle of Pinot Noir and chunks of dank sushi, you might want to think about stepping out of the mundane and trying something a little more exuberant

Health And Safety Policy

Cocktails & Conversation  Health & Safety Policy
  1. General Statement of Policy
It is the duty of Cocktails & Conversation (The Club) Directors to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of employees, volunteers, members and their guests whilst they are present at the events run by The

How to Date a Gemini Man

How to Date Gemini Man Geminis are air signs (like Libra & Aquarius), born between May 22 and June 22. Gemini men are notoriously hard to pin down into a relationship, due to their insatiable lust for life and new challenges.

5 Tips To Be A More Charming Man

5 Tips To Be Charming | By Nikhil Walimbe

Hello gentlemen, I hope everyone is doing amazingly well. Today's blog is all about CHARM. Now, the first question that may come to many people's minds is, who wants to be a charming man? Well gentlemen, let me tell you something, being HOT \

Polo Social – Friday Night Party – 6th Aug

We are joining the delightful members at Ham Polo Club for an evening of polo, mingling and dancing till late! We will have our own dedicated area in the Clubhouse so our guests can mingle with fellow Cocktails & Conversation members, be greeted by our lovely hosts and be introduced to

What to wear for a Polo Match in the UK

Polo is a summer sport and runs in the UK from May till August. The question of what to wear for a Polo Match in the UK can be a tricky one.�� As we in the UK don't really get that much summer, we can be a little out of
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