5 Tips To Be A More Charming Man

5 Tips To Be Charming | By Nikhil Walimbe

Hello gentlemen, I hope everyone is doing amazingly well.
Today’s blog is all about CHARM. Now, the first question that may come to many people’s minds is, who wants to be a charming man?
Well gentlemen, let me tell you something, being HOT \ SEXY and being CHARMING are two different things! Being called HOT or SEXY feels amazing but then someone calling you CHARMING, now that is a different thing altogether. That is what I want all of us to become.

So without wasting any time, let’s get started!

1 . Be Humble

Being Humble! Almost every one of us knows the meaning of this word but how many of us actually inculcate this in our daily lives? For those who don’t know what being humble is, it is expressing feelings of humility. Gentlemen, there is no bro-science when it comes to being humble. All it takes is a change in your mindset. Think of making other people happy. Put others happiness over yours for once and then see how good you feel.

2. Be Chivalrous

What is Chivalry? We men ask! Chivalry is courteous behaviour, especially that of a man towards women. For me, a man should be chivalrous to both, Men and Women. Acts like opening doors for someone or letting a lady/man pass by if they are in a hurry, sending flowers or it could be anything. Small things do matter! Despite popular opinion, “CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD GENTLEMEN”

3. Have Positive Energy

In today’s world, having positive thoughts or spreading some positive energy is the best thing anybody can do, be it a man or a woman. Being positive is one of the best things you can do for yourself to be a more charming man. I mean, what harm will ever come from being positive or optimistic? There will be times when you don’t feel your best, but positive thoughts will help you go.

4. Dress Sharp

Dressing Sharp! This is the main reason why I started writing blogs! I want to spread the importance or need of men wanting to dress their best! We men hardly take our outfits seriously. The ones who do take it seriously end up standing out. I mean, putting effort into your dressing sense or your outfits go a long way. So gentlemen to be a more charming man, DRESS SHARP!

5. Be Confident

Last but should be first, CONFIDENCE IS KEY. There is nothing sexy or charming in a man than his Confidence. Most men lack in this department. Being confident or being comfortable in your skin is the key.

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