London’s sexiest date night ideas

If your dating repertoire has become a repetitive cycle of dinner and drinks. Regurgitation the same old stories over a bottle of Pinot Noir and chunks of dank sushi, you might want to think about stepping out of the mundane and trying something a little more exuberant.

Whether you’re trying to relight the fire in your relationship or kick start something spicy with someone new, here are some of London’s most outlandish date nights ideas to pick from.

Torture gardens May as well kick things off with a bang!

TG as its called by those in the know has been running for over 25 years, so by now if you haven’t been at least once, what are you doing with your life?A fun and very naughty fetish club experience welcoming to all genders and sexualities, with awesome music, costumes, a stage show and of course if you want sex.

Secret cinema is literally the ultimate movie night.

You both get to dress up and live the film in a fully immersive spectacle. This date night will have you titillated all week, from picking your costumes and getting ready to a few hours of fantasy roll play and adventure that is sure to give a few creative ideas to take home with you.

Reggae Brunch Nothing’s sexier than Reggae Music and eating.

Get them both in abundance while drinking way too many rum punches for the bottomless hour and then whine up you gal or man until the break of 6pm. Is that the time already, head home and keep the island vibe alive with your own reggae sound track, spotify will do. I’ll also add Bar Salsa in with this one, same dancing come gyrating vibe that will have you all over each other learning those Latin moves.

Dinner Dates can still be great, especially when given a sexy twist.

Try dining naked at The Bunyadi Think dinner in a luxury spa – candlelight, bamboo everywhere, fluffy white robes, and cocktails named after the elements oh and don’t forget you and everyone else is starkers. Or how about heightening your senses at Dans Le Noir for a pitch black dining experience.

The Box It’s seedy, it’s dirty it’s fabulous.

You will spend a fortune which is sexy in itself and that’s if you can get in!This Theatre of Varieties as it calls itself, is a club come variety show with some of wildest performers you can imagine. The club is small and packed with a pretentious crow and very drunk behaviour. Perfect for turning up the heat.

Burlesque can be pretty vanilla but still a fun evening of titillation and perfect for a date night. 

Enjoy an elegant evening drinking sumptuous cocktails that remind you of the good old days when ladies paraded around in feathers and men drank old fashioned.

Or get artistic drawing beautiful performers at DR SKETCHY – BURLESQUE LIFE DRAWING CLASS

Trapped In A Room With A Zomb sounds exciting!

I have to admit I haven’t tried this one but I’m certainly up for it. Anything that gets the pulses racing is sure to have a bonding effect and bonding is the name of the game.Team work and fear is a salacious combination. Adult escape rooms sounds equally pulsating for escape against the clock shenanigans.

I hope you feel inspired to try something a little different on your next date night, drop me a link and let me know if you have any other ideas that could make an ideal sexy date night idea.