First Date Fashion Tips – Ladies

First dates can be terrifying, but planning your outfit doesn’t have to be. We’ve compiled our first date fashion tips for ladies. Follow these 5 simple rules on how to dress for your next date, and next thing you know you’ll be planning your wedding. Maybe. At the very least you’ll figure out the formula on how to look amazing, maintain your personal style, and be comfortable. No matter what, just always remember, he’s lucky you’re even there!

1. Avoid trends, but stick to your personal style

A first date is not the time to experiment with the latest trends, This first date fashion tip is an easy look with a lot of impact, go for a simple look that lets your personality do the talking. You probably want to wait a minute before you bust out in a full runway look. You can’t go wrong with your favourite jeans and a cute top, we love off the shoulder for a pop of sex appeal and colour, while being classy and subtle, an instant winner.

2. Heals or Flats?

To wear heals or flats, that is the question? There are lots of theories going around about this one, some say it’s easier to gauge your height differences in flats, but you undoubtable have that extra VaVa Voom in heals.  And musch is ging to depend on where the date is and time of day. So for simplicity lets say it’s rooftop cocktails. Weighing up the pros and cons, I’m going to say wear a heal.  Not ankle breaking high, but I do find heals give us a little added confidence and of course make our legs and ass look amazing! Of course if the date’s activities are a mystery and you might end up on your feet for hours, he should really inform you in advance to dress appropriately.

3. Be sexy, but not too sexy!

Ah that old riddle, how sexy is too sexy? There’s a thin like between looking hot and looking desperate on  a first date. You want to create a “This old thing” energy while also blowing his socks off for a sexy first date. So rule of thumb, one sexy piece with one casual piece. Think lacy slip dress with denim jacket, high wasted trousers with cami. If the date is more casual wear a pair of statement earrings to add some interest to your outfit, and they can be a talking point if conversation dies down.

4. Don’t overthink it

Much like life itself, you don’t want to overthink it and complicate your outfit with un-necessities. You can even go straight to your date from the office in this outfit—just leave your jacket at the office. The elevated details on the simplest of work wear—a tank and a black skirt—is just the ticket to go from the board room to happy hour.

5. When in doubt, wear your favourite things

If you can’t decide what to pick, just wear your absolute favourite items. You’ll feel more confident in something you already know and love,