Leo men are playful and ambitious by nature. It’s true, they can be quite a handful, but their passion and enthusiasm for life can be very attractive to the right woman. So how to date a Leo Man?

What You Really Need To Know!

When dating a Leo man,  some find these qualities uplifting, others may find them a bit overpowering. The most compatible signs are widely considered to be Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius for a Leo. Why? Well, that fiery energy makes your relationship energetic, alluring and provides enough healthy friction to keep you both entertained. Lets get into how to date a Leo man.

The Pros & Cons Of Dating a Leo Man:

Pros: They make great leaders and their ambition helps them get far in life; having an excellent job and friends. Their humour and ability to inspire others can be exciting and commendable. All these things will provide your relationship with stability, and spontaneity and you’ll make the best memories with Leo. 

Cons: Leo men want affection and positivity which isn’t a bad thing. However, they believe that everything revolves around them, which can make dating a Leo pretty difficult. They sometimes aren’t known for having a filter and lack sensitivity to other’s feelings. This is normally not malicious but rather just wanting to get their own way.

Essential Dating Tips: How to date a Leo man

In order to be successful, a date with a Leo man needs to be constantly moving. What I mean by this is a constant flow of conversation, drinks and compliments. The worst thing you can do is not look engaged or even unbothered by his advances. 

He’ll be underwhelmed and you may feel rejected or even awkward moving forward. This Flashy perhaps “Drama queen” of a man wants to make you feel special. So, while still standing your ground and challenging him, accept his flattery. 

He will most likely be confident and self-assured; it’s important to match his energy and show how handsome and classy you think he is. This could be how well he’s dressed or how he thinks on similar topics to yourself. That attention is so key when making conversation and will spark a level of curiosity that will capture his attention as well.

Leo men admire women who have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. So, tell him about a time you said “Yes” and took a risk when you knew it was something scandalous. Of course, it doesn’t have to be super personal if it’s a first date, but he wants someone adventurous and willing to try new things.

Alternatively, make bold and informative statements about yourself and him. This will make you seem intriguing and allow him to ask questions that not only reveal his personality and see if you’re compatible.

Date Ideas:

couple tasting food

On that note, Leo’s love to socialize and meet new people. For this reason, when thinking of date night ideas choose outgoing activities and places. For instance, dancing or cooking lessons for two. These ideas may seem simple, but Leo’s love to be incharge and show off their skills. Plus, it can be very romantic and provide a chance for small talk.

Share The Spotlight:

Don’t be fooled by the air of dominance, which can make them seem full of themselves. This would be reductive as they really want someone who can share the spotlight with them. 

Not only because they love independent women, but also because they want to feel like a team. Be able to show off an intelligent, sexy and accomplished woman who is sure of herself. For reputation? yes. Besides that relatability and connection.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re dating a Leo man, he’ll add a little something you didn’t know you needed. In return, you’ll have to stroke his ego a bit, which is nothing in the large scheme of things!



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