Finding love after lockdown: Why now is the perfect storm for finding true love

 Singles are returning to in-person dates that don’t involve sitting outside in the cold with a cup of coffee or alfresco dining in the rain.

COVID-19 has caused all of us to make major changes in our lives and we are still dealing with its effects. The pandemic has left many deprived of romance and companionship whilst also changing the dating scene. Many singles are emerging ready to mingle but also reluctant to.


As more and more people get vaccinated and with restrictions easing as of May 17th opening up indoor meetings among other things singles are returning to in-person dates that don’t involve sitting outside in the cold with a cup of coffee or alfresco dining in the rain.


And with another easing of restrictions from July 19, there could be more chances to meet someone new if the rules on social distancing and large gatherings are relaxed. 


Although many have rusty social skills and higher levels of social anxiety so it’s going to take some time before single people can comfortably date again. During quarantine you might have dated virtually or avoided it all together either way it’s ok to feel nervous about in person dating again. If you decide you’re not ready, it’s okay. It’s important to get yourself on solid ground physically, mentally, and emotionally. Look inward and understand what feels right for you.Take it slow if you feel the need to do so when getting to know someone new.


Here are three ways to help singles get back out there again after the Covid-19 pandemic: 

Know what you’re looking for 

Identify what you’re looking for in a partner during the chaos of the pandemic. It’s easy to lose sight of what we’re looking for. Our advice is to define three to five non-negotiables you’re looking for in a partner. Knowing what you want helps you find it faster.

Stay positive

As a result of the pandemic people are engaging in more authentic ways and dating more cautiously which makes it easier to get to know people. The focus of first dates should be finding something to connect about.

Go on a virtual date 

Lastly, test the waters with a virtual date before a face to face. There are so many ways to make a virtual date feel special and different from your 9 am Zoom meetings. Making this date fun for yourself is key. Pour yourself a drink, dress up and have a good time. 


showing couple wearing mask on a boat
Slow Dating 

Slow dating may be the best way to date post lockdown as many of us are more aware of our physical safety and risk of illness than before. Slow dating is taking the time to get to know our partners instead of jumping off the deep end. Many singles are aware of these boundaries to intimacy which won’t simply disappear as restrictions ease.

What to talk about 

 It’s important to know what to say on a first date post lockdown, feel free to ask questions about how your date dealt with the pandemic. This can help you find out how your date copes in a crisis. If they don’t share the same views about the pandemic hold off on opinions most people have slightly different risk tolerances and it’s important to be a little flexible. But make sure the topic doesn’t dominate the conversation. After a year of nothing but Covid, it’s nice to take a break.

Where to go 

It’s important to know where to meet. If you want an airy outdoor option check out our previous post  London’s Best Outdoor Date Ideas for Spring 2021 or if you want an alfresco cocktail read this London’s top 20 Alfresco Terraces and Rooftop Bars. You could also go for classic date activities such as watching a film in the cinema or going to a show at the theatre. There are socially distanced events taking place all around for any music or art lovers, sporting events are also on if you fancy taking your take to a football match.

Don’t know where to find a date? Try coming to one of our exclusive events and we’ll find the perfect match.

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