The best ways to meet singles in London

If there is one thing that London isn���t short of it is people, however despite this it can still feel really hard to actually make that leap and meet someone special. To help you to find that special someone, we have put together some of the best ways to meet singles in London.

Ask friends to set you up

Of course you are going to think that you are the best person to find someone to date, but sometimes you are just going to need to admit that you need help and this could come in the form of your friends. They will not only know the type of person that you usually go for (or be able to recommend something different if you don���t have much luck). More than likely your friend will be around your age and have a similar outlook in life, which means that they are likely to know someone who is going to be a natural fit. The great thing about a friend setting you up is that you’ll likely have something in common right away making conversation easy and the person will be held accountable for their behaviour and less likely to ghost or stand you up.

Take up a hobby or a class

It is possible to meet someone in a bar, but this doesn���t mean that it is the only route, or even the best one. Sometimes you need to make an effort to meet people in an entirely different set up. A great option to consider is taking up a hobby or a class. Not only is this going to mean that you meet new people and get to now them on a weekly basis, but you will also be learning a new skill as well. If you do happen to meet someone that you want to date than that is great, but if you don���t then you can still put your new found knowledge to good use! Here’s an idea if you like photography you can try a fun Meetup Group

Head to specially organised events

One of the best things about living in London is that there are always lots of events going on, no matter the day of the week. This includes singles events and networking events too. If you want to meet someone new, whether that is for friendship or for romance, then one of these events might be a good idea for you.
They come in a variety of different types and the one that you choose will really depend on you and what you like to do. You could try speed dating or an after work talk on a subject that interests you, or perhaps even a singles mingles event like the type we organise here at Cocktails & Conversation. You could take part in a dining experience, or if you like something a little different, then you could always attend a photo shoot or polo match.

The great thing about these events is that they are designed to help you to meet people, to take some of the guess work and awkwardness that can come with dating and make finding your special person fun and exciting.

If you’d like extra help finding someone special we can also make person 121 introductions from our members and guests at Cocktails & Conversations. Apply here to find out more.




So, as you can see, dating in London might not have to be as tricky as you may think. There are plenty of singles events in London as well as opportunities . All of which can help you to ensure that you meet your special someone.